Dear LAFACE family and supporters;

Spring brings about change, newness and colorful blooms.  LAFACE abounds in spring action.  Year 2022 is special for us LAFAceans (endearment term I just called us :-))  It’s the 40th year anniversary of this wonderful organization! We had our first election in March 1982 and were chartered the same year. And in a few days we will cast ballots and elect our new officers.  Don’t forget to WRITE In your candidate/s if the ballot is missing their name/s.  Many of our current officers intend to once more volunteer their time to LAFACE for the next term. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Click here for your current board and learn more about them. 

I am lucky to have them as part of our leadership team.  Our volunteer officers represent LAFACE goals and Filipino Americans and other minorities in the City in many ways.  Select well and wish them the best!  So, VOTE starting April 11.  Installation will be in June during our annual membership meeting, picnic and Independence Day celebration. 

On another note, we celebrated our esteemed LAFACE member, City and foremost Community leader Jessica Caloza as she moved to her new role this week.  She is the new Deputy Chief of Staff for California State Attorney General Rob Bonta.  She served the City as a Board of Public Works Commissioner and also worked for Mayor Garcetti.  See attached photos of her farewell event at Noypitz Grill, Little Tokyo, March 15.  Best Wishes Jessica! 



‘Tis a Long time coming - LAPD has recognized and appointed the first Filipino American as Deputy Chief - former Commander now Deputy Chief Donald Graham (click for news story), in February 2022.  Congratulations Deputy Chief Graham!  Join LAFACE as we plan a celebration for this historic achievement! 

Finally, your voting powers will also soon usher in a new amended constitution, when the board together with the Legislative Committee (Members: LAFACE Adviser Liz Lee, Former LAFACE officer Veronica Salumbides, LAFACE Asst. Treasurer Ellen Linaac) present it for your ratification. This is the first in 40 years!  

So keep LAFACE blooming and tune in for more.

Jing Vida,